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WaSiM (Richards)

Important: version 10.02.03 and higher provide netCDF support. That requires a few additional libraries (DLLs) to be installed on your system. Please download and install either the lib-package for 32-bit or the lib-package for 64-bit before using WaSiM on Windows and/or download and install the latest netCDF package from the internet. On Linux, you need to install a netCDF package as well (see development details for more information)

Actual release version (may still be unstable -> it is recommended to always use the latest patch, if one is provided!)

Version 10.04.05(2019-09-02) More »
Data assimilation for SWE-type and reservoir water table type data implemented, data handling improvements, several bug fixes
  • outflow from reservoir can be computed using the running average of the reservoir content over <n> intervals
  • SE stack can now be written like other stacks
  • Data assimilation routines implemented for reservoir water tables in external files and for SWE grids, can be read in at arbitrary dates and times
  • Grids of all types will automatically be interpolated to the model grid now (like netCDF and GIF files aready were), requirement for absolutely identical headers has thus been revoked
  • soil evaporation is now also possible for all other methods than Penman-Monteith
  • Hamon evaporation can use land use specific and open water specific correction factor
  • enhancement in hydraulic connection between lakes regarding water tables below channel bottom
    • and several bug fixes (see details of model development)
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Patched versions (stable versions only are listed here)

Version 10.02.04 (2018-06-06) Mehr »
    - netCDF option is now exclusive (i.e. no other grid formats will additionally be written, when this option is set)
    - routing with oberverd runoff: nodata value is evaluated correctly as <=-9999, not <-9999
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Beispiel-Datensatz (Inputdaten für WaSiM) Mehr »
mit Grids und Zeitreihen für ein Beobachtungsjahr
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Neuer Release verfügbar:
WaSiM 10.04.05 -> Mehr »