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WaSiM (Richards)

Actual release version (may still be unstable -> it is recommended to always use the latest patch!)

Version 10.00.00(2017-07-04) More »
Layered Snow model and optimized surface routing model
  • Layered snow model allows in combination with the heat transfer model and any snow melt approach a better modeling of soil temperatures by accounting for the snow pack. Heat transfer and water transport are computed for each snow layer as for any soil layer, so teh snow is in fact handled as a series of dynamically growing and decreasing soil layers
  • Surface routing can now use a new algorithm that uses a set of linear equations for each connected group of cells rather than doing the routing locally only. That speeds up the model and makes backwater locations surface (lakes, ponds) much smoother. However, there may occur some artifacts due to the fact that the used 2D-algorithm has some limitations, especially when the ground level changes rapidly and the water depth is shallow
  • a lot of bugfixes, see model development details for more details
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Patched versions (stable versions only are listed here)

Version 10.00.03 (2017-11-04) Mehr »
    - huge performance increasement for start up of large jobs on super computers due to reading stacks as a single chunk and distribute data internally
    - some MPI performance optimizations when synchronizing halos (INPLACE option used instead of copying data multiple times back and forth)
    - bug in TLOWBDN grid release fixed (only when using soil heat transfer and lower boundary temperature condition is read in as a standard grid)
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Beispiel-Datensatz (Inputdaten für WaSiM) Mehr »
mit Grids und Zeitreihen für ein Beobachtungsjahr
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